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Qingdao Unique Products Develop Co., Ltd. was New High-Tech Industry Enterprise which engaging in unique products researching, manufacturing and international marketing developing. We research out new Digital Printing Technology instead of Screen Printing. and established in 2001, We own five International Patents, sixty-eight China Patents, three soft-ware copyrights, which researching and developing by our own R&D teams including intelligent electronic, mechanical and software engineers and arts designers��our products had been exported more than over 138 countries.

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  • Industrial Textile Printing 02
  • Textile printer 027
  • Textile dressing method
  • fabric printing 028
  • textile printer 026
  • textile printing 026
  • Fabric printing is widely used
  • Digital textile printer is a ne
  • Printing textile with digital p
  • Do textile printing with magic
  • Fashion textile designs can be
  • Fabric and textile prints are a
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